First of all, who are you?  

My name is John Fedowitz and I'm ceremony

What do you do?

I write love songs, I always will, I guess it's been that way for a while now. It's one way I show myself without talking to anyone

How did everything start?

I started with some bands growing up and then joined the band Skywave, I was the drummer and watching the song writing of my band mates influenced me to start writing songs of my own. We toured like crazy and it took a toll on all of us. 

We never really broke up, but Oliver moved up north and I started Ceremony with Paul. I wanted to keep going and I had a lot of songs in my head ready. So we start playing as a two piece with a drum computer.


Best of rocking out loud?

I love to feel the music. When it's turned up to the point where everything is equal. It's such a rush and inside I get so excited! And sometimes playing loud is chaos too, but that's how it goes. 

It's fucking great!! I never want to not play loud, Even recording, I always play my guitar the way I would on stage. That's the best of rocking out loud, being on stage.

Where do you live men? and how is it?

I live in Frederiksburg, Virginia, (USA) It's a small town, on about 24 thousand people. It's not a great place to play music unless you're a country or cover band. But I like it here.

It's quiet and I can walk my dog late at night and never see anyone. It's the city that always sleeps.

crazy place ever party? Best tour?

The best tours I ever had were in Europe! I think they just know how to treat an out of town guest. I can think of two nights on tour. Frankfurt Germany, after a night of drinking with my band mates walking back to the hostel, We can across a lado's club and stayed up till day light.

That was nice time. Second- I can remember that one. I know I was there...

Future? plans?

Future plans...? I think Ceremony is rock steady and it's going anywhere. But I'm going to start this new band. "Shotgun Postcards" will be a two piece. It's gonna  be awesome! We will start recording this summer and we hope to release something this year

Something for ending this interview?

Stay in School, be cool and call your mom and say hi. Thanks for the interview.


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